SY Jerrican is a Dix 43 Pilothouse, cutter rigged sloop, configured as a ‘go anywhere’ expedition yacht. She is owned and sailed by Jeremy & Anita Bagshaw from Simon’s Town, South Africa.

Jeremy has over 100,000 nautical miles experience on a large variety of yachts in some of the most treacherous waters on the planet and Anita has sailed many of these miles with him. Together they took Jerrican on a shakedown cruise through the Indian Ocean, leaving from Simon’s Town in the Southern Hemisphere winter and making landfall in Mauritius. Thereafter they spent five months sailing between Maldives, Chagos and Réunion before making their way home down the East Coast of South Africa.

Our next adventure starts in July 2017 when we will be heading back into the Indian Ocean with our youngest daughter Megan as crew and our son Grant’s new home in Vancouver,  Canada as our destination!

We are taking the ‘scenic route’ east from South Africa, and aim to spend some time in Madagascar, Tanzania, Seychelles and Maldives before crossing to Malaysia, Indonesia,Singapore and Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Alaska and eventually, Vancouver.

I expect to cover around 16,000 miles on this trip and that it will take us until October 2018.
During this voyage we will welcome friends and family that would like to spend some time with us either at a stop off, or on passage between points.

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