Over the last few months, as we prepare to go cruising, many conflicting thoughts go through my mind.

Two themes recur more often than the others:

1. Are we being irresponsible ‘abandoning’ a teenage, university student daughter and elderly parents?
2. Will we travel the world and find anywhere more beautiful than home?

The first one seems to be more of a problem in my head than in the minds of those I’m concerned about! Our families have been totally supportive of our venture, with only the most minor conditions!

You will fly me out to join you every year, won’t you?

You will come home to visit us regularly, won’t you?

I think these are conditions we can live with!

This brings me to the second theme. Will we ever find anywhere as beautiful to live in as Simon’s Town?



In terms of physical and geographic beauty, I am sure we will find many stunningly beautiful places that may even rival our jewel in False Bay, but home is more than just a pin on google maps.

There have been many definitions of “home”, and amongst some of the better ones are

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Never make your home in a place. Make a home for yourself inside your own head. You’ll find what you need to furnish it – memory, friends you can trust, love of learning, and other such things. That way it will go with you wherever you journey.
Tad Williams

Home is where the heart is.
Pliny the Elder

the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.
synonyms: place of residence, accommodation, property, a roof over one’s head;
the family or social unit occupying a permanent residence.
the district or country where one was born or has settled on a long-term basis
a place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates.

For me, all of the above, and yet none of them, encompass the many meanings of the word and concept of “home”. Perhaps it’s a consequence of having moved house so many times in my life, both as a child, with my expatriate and restless parents and also as an adult, dragging my family along with me to different parts of this country and the world?

Whatever the answer is, I know in my heart that I will leave this wonderful country in search of adventure and beauty in other parts of the world, but I will only feel home when I return to this amazing place!

2 thoughts on “Home?”

  1. Aaaah…makes one homesick. What a great thing though – an adventure bug plus the joy of returning home. Bon Voyage ;

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