Men at work and a mutiny

Fortunately, the two elements in the title are not related!

Men at work
We now have tinted, safety glass windows in our aluminium spray dodger, thanks to the hard working and innovative team from Drakkar Marine.


I am thoroughly chuffed with the end result and I am sure the crew will really appreciate the shelter the dodger provides on those cold and wet days to come until we escape the Southern winter. As an acquaintance, Bob Taylor, said to me once when I questioned the addition of a hard spray dodger to his classic cold moulded boat ,”Nero”, “it may not be that pretty from the outside, but it’s damn beautiful from the inside”. (Or words to that effect!).

“So we’ll aim to depart on 30 June” I confidently announced to my First Mate in a rare foray into the realms of information sharing. “No we won’t.” Was the instant reply. I got the impression that there wasn’t much room for negotiation on this subject.
When pressed for a good reason for her stance on this fairly important matter, I was reminded that our youngest has her 19th birthday on the 1st of July! The logic was lost on me. Where I come from, 19th birthdays and the presence of parents can be reduced to an interval of around 15 awkward minutes, while said 19 year old tries to be polite before gapping it with any presents to have a major party with far more interesting friends!

Before completely shooting myself in the foot, I sat down to consider my options. With the benefit of engaging the brain before opening my mouth again, I reminded myself that we are not talking about just any old 19 year old here. This one really seems to like her parents and spending time with them and for that I’m eternally grateful. And yes, I think we can delay sailing away by a day or two for this very special young lady.

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