Why cruising yachtsmen are the ultimate athletes!

We left Port Louis, Mauritius, on 9 August, bound for Gan some 1450 miles to the North East. The forecast showed moderate South Easterly trade winds all of the way so I expected a 12 day fetch on starboard tack. Which is what we got. More or less!


More sea, more wind, less comfort, less sleep!

Also, more fish. If I can find anything positive to say about the Indian Ocean, it is that the water is warm and there are very hungry fish in it. Shortly after leaving we lost a brand new lure to a fish that launched itself into the air and snapped a 200lb line! I didn’t see this happen but the crew reported that the battle was entirely one-sided and very brief! Thereafter, we reduced the size of the lure to a more modest offering and caught Dorado, King Mackerel and Barracuda, seemingly at will. Lines only went out when a fish was needed for dinner, and came back in within minutes.

Getting back into passage making mode after 5 rather frenetic days of maintenance in Mauritius was not as difficult as it had been at the start of the trip. Maybe we are becoming cruisers after all?

Spending 12 days on one tack, in a big rolling cross sea, with the galley a meter higher than the rest of the saloon area is a little taxing however and the slightest lapse of concentration has one hurtling across the saloon trying desperately not to drop or spill whatever you have just prepared with great difficulty!

Which brings me to the title of this blog entry. There is no doubt in my mind that yachties are the ultimate evolution of the human species and have evolved to become the pinnacle of physical and mental perfection.

To be a cruiser requires poise, balance, co-ordination, timing, strength, speed and agility. And that’s just to get a spoon out of the cutlery drawer without a) losing a finger in the process, b) spilling the entire drawer’s contents or c) ending up with whatever you were about to eat plastered all over yourself and the saloon! Combine these traits with the ability to detect free wifi and cheap beer from a range of at least a mile, and I reckon you almost have perfection?

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