Some more adventures planned…..

I’ve made some changes to my website , listing the various expeditions and passages that I’ve planned for the rest of this year and early 2017. 

The Indian Ocean trips are ideal for RYA or SAS Yachtmaster students wanting to get miles under the belt, celestial navigation experience and alround quality time on the water! The legs to and from Madagascar are excellent for the same purpose but are equally suited to aspirant cruisers wanting to get some experience of what the cruising life is about.

The French Southern and Antarctic Islands expedition is more demanding and is suited to the adventure seeking yachtsman or to those having a particular interest in visiting probably the most remote part of the Southern Ocean and its unspoiled islands with their unique flora and fauna. This expedition will be a two boat program and Jerrican will be accompanied by the businesslike “Urchin”, a state of the art 56′ aluminium expedition yacht from the board of Ed Joy.

Please have a look at the site and don’t hesitate to pass it along to anyone you know who may be interested in joining us?

 Not quite this dramatic! Times have changed!
  île St Paul. 38° 45’S  077°37E

50°02’S 070°12’E


One thought on “Some more adventures planned…..

  1. I would not have hesitated to join Shackleton…can you imagine me at supper…I would like some whale blubber please, with a little penguin tongue on the side and some dog food starter…just my scene.

    You’re a good man bagshaw! Fast becoming the most adventurous dalian ever…think you need to go speak at a prize giving.

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