‘Change is the only constant in life’…. Heraclitus (544 – 483 BC)

He was quite a perceptive man, Heraclitus, and he must have observed people like me when he came to the conclusion that change is the only constant in life. He also observed that “hide our ignorance as we will, an evening of wine soon reveals it”. He must have been thinking of someone else? Or maybe that was his re-incarnation sitting in the corner of the False Bay Yacht Club bar the other evening?

A reasonably well known Scot also said that “The best laid schemes of Mice an’ Men,/ Gang aft agley”! I think the modern day translation for this is ‘shit happens’? 

In my case, things are not nearly as dire as the Scot would have one believe. Unfortunately, due to the real world restrictions that the weather imposes on us and the rather longer time frames in disbursing of corporate filming budgets, we have had to put the 2017 French Sub-Antarctic Islands Expedition on hold until the following year. This is hugely disappointing for all involved as we had been looking forward to this adventure for over a year now and the planning was well advanced.

The most obvious issue to arise from this is; what are we going to do for the whole of 2017? Well, after careful consideration, some of which may have been in the same venue as the aforementioned philosopher’s re-incarnation, we have decided to go sailing! Firstly, a quick delivery dash across from Thailand to Mauritius in April just to whet the appetite, and then setting off in earnest (or rather in Jerrican) up the East Coast of Africa, taking in Madagascar, Tanzania, Zanzibar and the Seychelles etc. The single most important word in the previous sentence is “etc.”. It is the difference between a one year and a multiple year voyage and is the potential source of much fun, excitement, adventure and conflict! Who would have thought that such a small word could be so important?