For Sale or should that read, “For Sail”?

With great reluctance I am sadly putting Jerrican on the market. After moving my own goalposts several times in the last few years, the unavoidable reality is that Jerrican is doing far more sitting tied up alongside in Simon’s Town than she is doing what she was designed and built to do, and that is to sail! If there is any stopping and being tied up, it should be in far off, interesting and challenging destinations, for that is her purpose!

This is not Jerrican’s natural environment!

This is her natural environment! Equally at home in the tropics or high latitudes, she’s been strongly built; a proper blue water cruiser.

Basic details:

Designed by Dudley Dix

43′ Pilothouse version

Steel construction

Launched December 2013.

Any interested buyers are welcome to drop me a line on or stop in at my new business premises in Simon’s Town; Cape Point Rigging at 136 St George’s Street . .