Jerrican is no more; the adventures continue with Olleanna!

After selling the good ship Jerrican to Alex, she did the very thing that is guaranteed to polarize boat owners’ opinions! She changed the name!

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This will be one of the last posts to this website as I am trying to rationalize all my media into the fewest possible places. And so to the future for me; click this link and see what I’ve signed up for:

In the process of selling the old boat, and buying the new one for the #GGR2022 I was reminded once again how life is filled with surprises and changing plans. Jerrican was going to be my last boat, ever. But here I am, preparing and restoring Olleana. So, as we change boats and boats change names, I figured a good way of keeping the story and history in one place, is to do it under my own name, Jeremy Bagshaw.

This blog will host all the archived blogs from SYJerrican as well as progress updates in the form of new posts on the GGR preparations. All in one place.

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